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One Tiny Lie  - K.A. Tucker *** 3.5 stars ***

So, I picked this up out of curiosity after reading the blurb, despite not being crazy about the first book. This one is about Livie, the mature-beyond-her-years little sister of Kacey from the first book. I loved Livie, and her story is set three years later, with Livie about to start her freshman year at Princeton.

I actually liked Livie's story. The only issue I wrinkled my nose at was the insta-love from Ashton, but since it one-sided to begin with, I figured there was yet hope for the rest of the book. I'm glad I stuck it out.

Being in Livie's head was both amusing and bittersweet. She is surprisingly naive despite having had to grow up too quickly after the death of her parents. But her first few months at Princeton brings her up to speed as she realizes that her well-planned out future from age nine may not fit her at all. She begins to let go of the expectations she placed on herself, or what she thought her deceased parents wanted for her, and slowly figures out who she is. A moving coming-of-age story that I rather enjoyed reading.