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Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker Kacey Cleary is a 20-year old with a lot on her plate. Four years ago, her parents, best friend and boyfriend were all killed at the same time in a horrific drunk-driving accident. She alone walked away from the accident, terribly damaged inside and out. She and Livie, her fifteen-year-old sister, are left with an aunt and uncle who did not have their best interests in mind. Kacey and Livie run away to Miami after their uncle gambles away their insurance money and tries to sneak into Livie's bedroom one night.

Trent Emerson is their new very-easy-on-the-eyes next door neighbor, who despite Kacey's icey exterior and emotional barriers of steel, have managed to work their way into their lives. What I found rather annoyingly farfetched was the fact that Kacey has managed to shut everyone out for the past four years and yet, a complete stranger with whom she has not had any decent conversations with, manages to get under her shields and melt her resolve? She lusts after him and cares about what Trent thinks of her, something she hasn't allowed herself to do for years.

Despite this and a couple of other elements that stretched the imagination, the story is a page-turner, because you know there is some big twist/secret about to be revealed. I wasn't that invested in the characters and only really liked the two kids in the story, Livie and Mia, who are adorable despite their sad situations.

Dealing with the issue of drunk driving can be gut-wrenching and an emotional rollercoaster ride. Unfortunately, I didn't experience either. I felt sad for the characters and the terrible circumstances they found themselves in, but some of the events and characters were just too contrived to be wholly believable. That said, this book emphasized some good reminders about the far-reaching consequences of decision-making.

A copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.