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Into the Deep

Into the Deep - Samantha Young I had thought On Dublin Street was a rarity; the unbelievably deep emotions the story consistently generated was impressive. Then comes Into the Deep...

It is not often I gush about a book, but here I am, truly blown away by yet another emotional roller-coaster ride by this author. The writing is so smooth and concise, that you can't help but get sucked into the story as if you are in the middle of it, watching as it all plays out. There is no fluff/filler/internal monologuing that goes on for pages and pages like some other books in the same genre. The unfolding drama and secret reveal is done boldly and doesn't pull any punches yet still builds suspense.

This coming of age story of first love, heartbreak, forgiveness, and hope is really well done. I especially appreciate that it was obviously well-edited, making the reading experience that much more enjoyable. The only quibble I have with it, is that it is part of yet another series. I truly loved the fact that On Dublin Street was such a great stand-alone novel. I only wished it was the case again here. So, 4.5 stars for a great reading experience but disappointed that it cannot stand alone.