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Rising Darkness - Thea Harrison After enjoying Dragon Bound and Lord's Fall, this was kind of disappointing. Some reviews did warn about the new direction this series is taking, but it did not work for me. The language was too flowery in the description of ordinary objects and actions ("...fingers quested across her face..." - quested?? Is it really that epic of an undertaking to have fingers brush the face?). It was almost like reading poetry (and I enjoy good poetry) except I am stumbling over the language trying to figure out the story. The basic idea of the plot is interesting enough. A group of aliens have been hiding out on earth trying to chase down one of their own criminals, except the journey here causes them to lose their memories, which they must recover in time to find their soulmate (who is attempting to do the same) and defeat an enemy who has avoided the whole amnesia business.

The supposed chemistry between the two main characters, who are each other's soulmates, falls rather flat. Granted one of them is still in the recovery stage of her amnesia, but she does have this unexplained familiarity and attraction to the guy which still does nothing to build the relationship.

Unfortunately, there is not enough here to warrant reading the next installment in the series.