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Stalk Me - Jillian Dodd The nonchalant tone from the main character's point of view is really quite hilarious in this depiction of Hollywood kids' surreal life. We see the typical high school teenage drama amped up by the wealth and prestige that these kids all have, but it is just another day in the life of upper society's next generation. Once you get past all the perks of being part of this society, you start to see the confusion and frustration that is inherent to being a teenager trying to figure out where/how to belong and still be true to oneself. Keatyn's jumping from one relationship to another trying to find love shows just how complicated things can get, even more so as a hormonal teenager.

**spoiler alert**
My main issue is mostly towards the last part of the book where Keatyn was introduced into her new life. It would have been better to end the book right after the decision was made for her to leave and pick up the second book from there. Starting the slow description of her new life at the end of the book was rather anticlimactic after her near-kidnapping. I understand it was probably done to whet the appetites of the readers for the second book, but it could easily have been made into a "sneak peak of the first chapter."

Overall, it was a quick and funny read, and I am curious to see how Keatyn's new adventure shapes her character and view of the world.