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Hopeless  - Colleen Hoover Sky and Holder are your 17- and 18-year-old main characters who are attracted to each other for reasons they don't quite understand. Sky is emotionally vacant and starts to have feelings just after meeting Holder. Holder has secrets of his own that haunt him and tie him to Sky.

The first 50-60% of the book is rather slowly paced. Very little reveal of anything except to establish that Sky has a past she can't remember and Holder has one that he can't forget. The second half of the book is like a dam that has broken once the secrets come pouring out (which are kind of predictable). It becomes quite intense even knowing what is about to happen. However, Sky and Holder's internal thoughts and dialogue feel rather over wrought at times. These are still 17- and 18-year olds, given that they have been forced to grow up rather quickly. As they seek to comfort each other and affirm their self-worth, the words come sounding a little bit out-of-place for people their age. For example, “You suffered through one of the worst things a child can go through at the hands of your hero...the person you idolized.......The negative connotation you've been associating with physical touch your whole life doesn't apply to me...." It sounds more like the words of a therapist or even a self-help book, not the spontaneous ones of a boyfriend, even if he is mature for his age. I understand the importance of emphasizing certain truths about abuse in order for victims to have closure and move on. However, if the same words were spoken by an older adult, it would have sounded less pretentious, despite them being true.

After a lot of guessing and angst about what each other’s secrets were, there are some surprises revealed at the end about how each of the characters and their families are connected through choices made.

I would rate this book between 3-4 stars for taking the first half of the book to establish the premise, the second half rushing for closure, and the awkward dialogue of the teenagers.