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Fall - Kimberly Stedronsky 3.5 stars

I loved the first book, but I have mixed feelings about this second book. There are a lot more questions than answers as the prophecy is revealed and played out. Perhaps that is intentional, but at times, I felt like the surprise plot twists and turns gave me whiplash more than intrigue. For example, no one is very surprised that Violet turns out to be another Immortal. It is just accepted. No one wonders if she is another person originally in the ice castle world and what role she played. Has she repeatedly 'reincarnated' just like Roam, or did she just pop up? Is she immortal because she is West's daughter or a planned/accident of Asher's spell?

Another twist that was unexplained (so far) is baby Eva's recovery. She did not make it through the fountain gate with everyone else, but somehow ends up in the ice castle world secured by Troy's people. Troy however, has been held captive this whole time. Why/how? Not important enough? If these issues would be questioned by at least one of the characters, it would tip me off that it will be addressed later. But as it is ignored/accepted by all, it makes a frustrating read.

Then the love triangle between Roam, Logan, and West seems to keep re-surfacing, even though it seemed apparent that 'destiny' has already tied Roam and West together. Going back and forth between Logan and West after all the history makes Roam seem that much more immature and reminds me repeatedly that she is still seventeen in this lifetime.

There also seems to be more grammatical errors and typos this time around, enough for me to stumble over enough times to take notice.

The overall story is still very interesting, enough for me to anticipate the third book.