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The Unwanted Wife

The Unwanted Wife - Natasha Anders This was a pleasant surprise. Wasn't sure what to expect after reading some of the reviews.
Despite the need for editing (lots of paragraph errors that mislead who is saying what), I really enjoyed watching Theresa and Sandro's relationship re-build itself past deception and hurt. Sandro's complete turn-around and efforts to make amends was endearing. Theresa's disbelief and fear of being hurt again was heartrending.

One issue I did have with the story was the couple's ability to have such a healthy sex life despite their contempt (on Sandro's part) and humiliation (Theresa's part). Can you really continue to sleep with someone that you despise or continually makes you feel worthless? Other than in abusive relationships, this scenario is hard to believe.
In spite of that, it was still a rather sweet love story.