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Roam (Roam #1)

Roam (Roam #1) - Kimberly Stedronsky This book was a free download, and what a find it was. This was a fantastic read. It was well-written, fast-paced, with very few typos, unlike a lot of other self-published books these days.
The characters were well-developed, and I found myself wanting to know each of them even more. The story was captivating from the very beginning. I love that Roam is an intelligent and rather mature character, despite her young age of 17. There is little teenage angst, which is atypical of other YA novels. The other main characters in the book, West and Logan, are really great as well, both strong, honorable, and selfless. Both worthy of Roam, despite their past histories.
The premise of the story, 4 individuals whose fates are intertwined throughout time, have 7 lifetimes to reach their goals. This book starts with their final lifetime. It was very interesting to get glimpses of those other lifetimes throughout the book. There is a huge span of time from the first lifetime to the last. History really comes alive through the author's portrayal of each.

I could not put this novel down once I started and can't wait for the next one.