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The Light Bringer's Way - C.F. Fruzzetti, M.I. Pearsall EDIT: **4 stars** (May 7, 2013)
This updated version of TLBW is much more polished. The writing is smoother; the plot details are clearer and the characters more fleshed out. The references to various cultures and their folklore are well tied-in. Whitney's character matures a little more as she realizes her weaknesses and tries to overcome them. More of her past is about to be revealed in the next installment if the cliffhanger is anything to go by!

It is always good to see new authors go back and improve upon past work and present their readers with updated, polished versions. Readers appreciate and respect authors that put the effort in to present their very best. At least this reader does… :)

I was so looking forward to this book after reading the first one in the series, Sundial, which was fantastic. However, I found myself actually drudging through the first half to two-thirds of the book.
***spoiler alert***
Most of the book is about their mission to Africa to retrieve an ancient artifact. Throughout the whole mission, I felt like I was being proselytized to. I am all for thought-provoking ideas and beliefs, but it seemed like every other paragraph was a lecture on philosophy. A good story that allows you to lose yourself in will have more "show" than "tell." It was not the case here.

I expected more of each of the characters to be developed and relationships evolve, but it didn't seem to happen until towards the end, where the focus was just on Reid and Whitney's misunderstanding about Karen. Speaking of whom, the twist about Karen's relationship with Reid was just a little bit too simple/convenient. The first book had Karen falling all over Reid, literally, like a jilted ex. Now that we know they are actually cousins, it is rather distasteful. I understand the whole deliberate misleading plot twist idea, but the mystery would still have been intrigueing without all the fawning.

Also, there was at least one inconsistency near the end of the book, where Whitney explains to Blair why she ditched her at her house, also telling her that Reid's grandfather had died. Later in the same conversation, Blair tells Whitney the same fact, which surprises Whitney ("How did you know?"). Ummm, other than the fact that you just told me??

Overall, this book could have used some more editing.