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Boundless - Cynthia Hand Of the three novels in this trilogy, this one was the best-written, IMO. Several times I remember thinking, "Wow." The author really did a good job of balancing the somber mood of the impending visions with humor and love between the characters. It was also rather refreshing to read about the love between Clara and her parents when in too many YA novels today, the kids are so hurt and scarred, which may sadly be reality. Even though she did not grow up in your typical "Leave It to Beaver" family, she knew love and was able to reconcile with her father when told the truth.

The middle to three-quarters of the way through seemed kind of slow, though, even with all the action of the fire vision playing out. A lot of waiting that did not really make me anxious to turn the page. Reading how the ending panned out left me rather heartbroken for the loss that was the boy who didn't get the girl. The miracle at the end seemed also a little too neat of an answer to bring the two together. Perhaps I just need to make my peace with the loss in order to appreciate the bigger picture. :)